Ejection 250 руб.

Untitled 833 руб.

Jungle in the head 150 руб.

"Jungle in the head", 2020

Schweizerland (Hunting Scene) - 18 x 36,3 cm - Edition of 10 (+ 1 AP)

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle William Turner, signed, dated

Belle 420 руб.

I met her at one of Cape Town's bars and was amazed at her cat's grace.

Pergamon Altar 500 руб.

In the NEW HUMANITY series, I explore how human values have transformed over the past centuries. I take as a basis the famous sculptures and transform them, leaving only fragments by which the scul...


Работа представленная на выставке:

"Лестницы и то куда они ведут..."  | 2019 @ WHO I AM gallery


Autumn 50 руб.

Photo collage created in a state of severe depression, conveys the mood and attitude of a person going through a divorce with a loved one.

Picture in frame

Pastel, paper

20x15, 2020

"April 12, 2020." 75 руб.

Picture in frame

Gouache, paper

20x15, 2020

patriarchy 170 руб.
month.july 250 руб.
Constellation 450 руб.
The Grig 330 руб.
Acquaintance 400 руб.
"Internal Prayers" 317 руб.
Sky 300 руб.
Untitled 600 руб.
커피로드333 500 руб.
산호대로354-40 400 руб.
BIG SIS 210 руб.
PINKHOME / home 300 руб.
Untitled (9-2020) 200 руб.
Plexus-II 150 руб.
Plexus-VI 400 руб.
ohne titel 450 руб.
city 700 руб.
clouds 700 руб.
Nightingale 833 руб.
Holy Ride 833 руб.